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For online lessons, live classes, personal guidance and a vibrant bellydance community!

Hi! I'm Charlotte and I'm here for you!

Hi I’m Charlotte Desorgher and I’ve been a dancer for almost sixty years, a bellydancer for forty years and I’m now one of the UK’s top bellydance teachers, choreographers and producers.

After a lifetime as a bellydance teacher, choreographer, large scale event producer and dance company director, my total focus now is on helping bellydancers at all levels make the very most of their bellydance life:

  • Whether you’re a passionate intermediate student struggling with the seemingly impossible challenge of managing your hips, posture AND arms!
  • or an advanced/professional dancer searching for classes at your level with a teacher who can both push and support you

I teach, coach, mentor, advise, and passionately care about each and every dancer in my orbit.

What is Undeniables Online?

I set up Undeniables Online several months ago, as a way of sharing the decades of knowledge I’ve accumulated as a dance teacher.

I also wanted to give dancers from outside my geographic area access to my personal mentoring and guidance which has helped so many dancers throughout the years.

When I launched it on New Year’s Day it was a remarkable success. Membership grew fast and the response to what I had created was incredible.

Dancers loved the lessons, they loved having my support and guidance and they absolutely adored the community, which became close and very inspirational.

I could never have known then just how invaluable this new resource would be.
And how timely!

Excellent online teaching, to access whenever you want it

I thought long and hard about how to create the perfect learning tool for busy women who bellydance and created a mix of different types and lengths of lessons which are added to every week:

  • Full length classes at intermediate and advanced level, taught with my trademark warmth and ability to break down moves
  • ‘Quick wins’ 3-5 minute bellydance drills for when you don’t have much time
  • Detailed breakdown of all your essential moves
  • Bonus classes in subjects such as veil, baladi, rhythms, styles etc
  • All the content is available to you whenever you want it, for as long as you are a member
  • New classes added every week
  • Teachers are welcome to use all the material in their own teaching!
  • Beautifully designed, carefully thought through and expertly taught.

Weekly live classes

As well as the online classes and courses for you to access at any time, members also enjoy weekly live classes with me and with guest teachers.

  • Weekly zoom classes at intermediate and advanced level
  • Facebook lives with teachers from our community (a great way for you to showcase your own lessons if you are a teacher)
  • All the live classes are saved and put up in our Facebook group for you to watch on catch up at a time to suit you.

Membership of an inspirational bellydance community!

As a member of Undeniables Online, you’ll be part of a wonderful membership community of dancers from intermediate students to well known teachers – all coming together to motivate, support and inspire each other through these uniquely challenging times.

Meeting in our private Facebook group we’re sharing information and advice, buddying up to keep ourselves motivated, doing podcast interviews with members, outside experts are being invited to talk to us on a wide variety of topics and we’re about to have our first virtual hafla!

It’s wonderful in there. Come and join us!

Personal mentoring and motivation

One of the challenges with online classes is keeping motivated, but also the lack of the expert eye of a good teacher. So I added something very special to Undeniables Online – personal 1:1 interaction with me.

I’ve personally mentored some of the very best dancers in the UK so you know you’re getting the very best, at a fraction of the usual cost of personal mentoring.

  • Personal video feedback – feel free to send me a short video each month and you’ll receive kind and generous feedback and guidance direct to your mobile
  • I will always keep in mind your personal goals and give you suggestions for direction and growth
  • Add your questions and comments under any of the online lessons – and receive answers

All this amazing content and support costs less than a month of typical weekly classes!

Just £25 per month (approx $30) or £65 for three months

What people are saying

  • I love this community. It’s so creative, so motivating!
  • I have had a look around the site and it is amazing! It is great to have the classes plus a breakdown of the essentials and quick recaps of the combinations.
  • I want to thank you so much for inspiring me, as l felt l was losing interest in dancing
  • Undeniables is a really supportive community and Charlotte is a wealth of information and advice. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to focus on their own dancing.
  • I’m loving the Undeniables for the simplicity, clarity, “challenges” and drills. Thank you very much for the fabulous programme and I look forward to the rest of the videos. 
  • I just want to say how thrilled I am that I joined your online group. Your videos are excellent, I really feel already my classes are getting more exciting for my students too. 
  • Lots of classes for different abilities. Charlotte is so inspirational and supportive, giving me confidence to start working on a solo choreography with valuable feedback.

Testimonials about Charlotte's teaching

As a teacher you make learning fun, create fiendish drills to push us and great combinations to polish our technique. Your feedback always is constructive, never belittling and you are always encouraging with a heathy dose of tough love. Your years of experience exploring, teaching and performing bellydance means that you are perfectly placed to be an amazing dance mentor whether it’s for someone turning professional, competing or just wanting to take their dancing  to the next level. Your support is also tempered with a healthy dose of realism judging just how far to push people out their comfort zone without scaring them and also guiding them in a way that will develop them more. I couldn’t have achieved as much as I have without you.

Sharon Coe

Charlotte is an extremely generous and knowledgeable teacher and human being, always encouraging, able to see each individual strengths and able to push her students out of their comfort zone .She helped me to grow as a dancer in many different areas over the past years; from improving my overall technique by pointing out the areas I should work on to improve the quality of my moves, my arms, my veil work, understanding music and choreographing, encouraging me to perform as much as possible to overcome my stage fright and express myself and even teaching techniques and tips to run my own classes.

Itziar Ortiz

Charlotte is great! I first was recommended to try Charlotte’s classes by fellow Latvian bellydancer – Yallar. After the first session, I knew this was the class for me. Charlotte shared not only great drills to improve technique, but also a ton of positivity. After doing the classes and participating in Company of Dreams performances I joined the Undeniables programme. I cannot express how happy I am for making this decision. Charlotte is a great mentor and knows exactly what you need to take away from the session (even if you’re not so sure). Creating a new choreography, especially when the style is outside of your comfort zone can be challenging, but with Charlotte it feels like one of the greatest journeys. The right guidance is what we all need, thank you!

Aleks Andra

Charlotte is a highly experienced and generous teacher who is passionate about seeing her students grow as dancers. I have seen my technique and performance skills develop as a result of Charlotte’s clear and careful teaching and had a lot of fun in the process!

Jennie Marshall

Charlotte helped me to discover some issues with my dancing which I wasn’t able to identify myself. Working with her speeded up my progress and opened for me completely new ways and transformed my dancing.

Maia Bell